Evangelism & Apologetics Resources

Here are my resources on evangelism & apologetics including video lessons I have taught and the transcripts for sermons I have preached on topics pertaining to evangelism & apologetics.  These are the lessons I taught as President of The Masters College Evangelism Society for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015.  Some of the introductory lessons overlapped, so the 2014 lessons below are just on the apologetics section, whereas the 2015 lessons have the updated introductory lessons on evangelism, and the most recent lessons are posted below from my sermon transcripts, Bible study lessons, and blog posts.

Fall 2014 Lessons:

This is the audio of a lesson on Islam that I gave which differs from the video lesson since it is more focused on the doctrine of Tawheed in Islam, whereas the Spring 2015 video is a broader general overview on several doctrinal areas:


Spring 2015 Lessons:

more video resources are available at my you-tube channel:


Sermon Transcripts on Apologetics & the Christian Worldview

Here are the transcripts of the sermons I preached on evangelism & the Christian Worldview at Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA in chronological order:

I. The Local Church & The Great Commission:


II. The Doctrine of Vocation & Biblical Principles for Evangelism:


III. The Law & Gospel Distinction in the Christian Worldview:


IV. The Trinitarian Foundation for the Christian Worldview:


V. An Introduction to Apologetics:


VI. Worldview Apologetics for Witnessing to Muslims:


VII. OT Christology: a Biblical Theology of Genesis 3:15


VIII. NT Christology I: Christology of the Gospels of Mark & John (includes color coded charts for the I am statements of Jesus, OT parallels such as John 12 and Isaiah 6, and a chart explaining John 1:1):


IX. NT Christology II: Christology of the Pauline Epistles (Romans 9:5 & Colossians 1:15-20):


Additional Lessons on Islam:

Introduction to the Islamic Worldview Part I: Muhammad & the Qur’an


Introduction to the Islamic Worldview Part II: The Doctrine of God & Christ according to Islam


Introduction to the Islamic Worldview Part III: The Doctrine of Salvation in Islam


An Introduction to the Islamic Worldview Part 4: The Reliability of the Old and New Testament According to the Islamic Worldview


An Overview of Key Islamic Worldview Presuppositions:


Additional Resources:

the following are Blog Posts related to Evangelism & Apologetics that I have written supplementing the material in the lessons and sermon transcripts.  These resources are more technical than others mentioned on this page for anyone who wants more detailed aspects of apologetics and evangelism to further their studies.

I. Divine Impassibility & Apologetic Methodology:

Resources I have written discussing how the doctrine of God’s Impassibility, which is directly related to God’s immutability, that God doesn’t change, is foundational for the Christian worldview.

Exegesis of James 1:13-18, The Immutability of God in the Christian Worldview:


Response to Dr. K. Scott Oliphint’s Covenantal Condescension/modification of Divine Impassibility:


II. The Neonomain Controversy in 17th Century England & the Law and Gospel Distinction

The following posts are from a research paper I wrote for my undergraduate studies comparing the covenant theology and views of justification of Benjamin Keach an orthodox particular baptist who subscribed to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, Richard Baxter, a neonomian puritan, arguing that Christ purchased a new law for us to obey and merit our justification, and John Owen, an orthodox congregationalist puritan who subscribed to the Salvoy Declaration of Faith.  This historical study also relates to contemporary neonomian views such as the Federal Vision movement and the New Perspective on Paul, which both share similarities with Richard Baxter’s views on Justification:






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