I want to provide a brief update and explanation for why I have not been posting much material for the last few months.  I am currently working on several projects which has reduced the extra time I have to find or write material to publish on this website.

I am currently studying and improving my Spanish to take the California State Court Interpreter Oral Exam at the end of March, which requires me to learn many legal terms in Spanish as well as Spanish slang and idioms.  I am also planning to start an online 9 month translation program from Brazil next month to improve my Portuguese translation and language abilities, and Lord willing take the Court Interpreter oral exam for Portuguese later in the fall of 2017.  I am also currently working on my first writing project, contributing a chapter to a book that discusses the flood and several linguistic aspects of the text.  All these goals along with working have slowed down my ability to publish frequently on this website.  After I finish most of these projects later this year I anticipate to resume a more steady pace of regularly uploading content, but during these projects I will occasionally upload content as I have time to do so.  Also I plan on adding more Spanish and Portuguese content after finishing these certification tests and studies, so that the resources on this website can reach a larger audience and provide resources that are very difficult to find outside of the English language.