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Recent trends in ANE (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) have argued that the Old Testament has plagiarized from ANE religions, thereby attacking the Bible’s inspiration and infallibility.

Dr. John Currid is an Old Testament Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary and OPC Pastor:


He gives a useful overview of the relationship between Ancient Near Esatern Literature and the Old Testament in a Seminar entitled, Crass Plagiarism?  These lectures are available for free download on iTunes U:


Dr. Currid has also written a book that expands upon the content in the lectures called, Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament:


I recommend both resources for understanding a consistent reformed response to the relationship between the ANE and the Old Testament.  ANE doesn’t undermine the reliability of the Old Testament, it actually strengthens the polemic nature of the Old Testament in response to the surrounding worldviews at the time of the Old Testament. Thereby demonstrating the supremacy of the true Triune God of Scripture in contrast to the false polytheistic worldviews of the ANE.