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Lusophone countries and regions (Portuguese speaking) worldwide

Ever since I had the opportunity to go to South America on a missions trip 5 years ago to Chile for 3 months and Brazil for 3 months I have had an earnest burden to make better theological resources available in Spanish and Portuguese since unfortunately most of the theology imported from the US comes from TBN and other aberrant sources that are syncretistic and unfaithful to the Word of God.

This is also a useful opportunity to translate small blog posts or longer posts of a few pages via this blog with future expectations of Lord willing being able to translate longer reformed Baptist resources such as books into Spanish and Portuguese.  Also Portuguese helps spread the reach of this blog to all of the Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) countries globally (such as Portuguese speaking countries and regions located in Africa and Asia) by providing reformed baptist theological resources in Portuguese:


I will be translating some of my Spanish posts to Portuguese as well as other resources.  I have already translated the main pages of my blog into Portuguese.  In preparation I have already translated the main pages of my website into Portuguese:





I also want to mention 3 blogs in Portuguese that have excellent reformed Baptist resources that I recommend to my viewers who know Portuguese and which I would recommend to pass along to Portuguese speaking friends:




Additional Reformed Baptist Resources in Portuguese:

PDF of the 1689 LBC in Portuguese:


Communion of Reformed Baptists in Brazil: