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I finished reading through Jeremy Walker’s book, The Brokenhearted Evangelist, recently and I wanted to share some quotes in which Jeremy Walker properly addresses the role of vocation and God’s Sovereignty in Evangelism, avoiding the “radical” view proposed by some such as David Platt concerning evangelism and the Christian Life, which leaves out vocation:

“Our responsibility lies where our sovereign God has put us, in the sphere to which he has called us.  It is there we are to conduct ourselves as brokenhearted evangelists and pursue our calling as Christians, embracing our vocation-whatever it may be-as those who desire and intend to make Christ known to others.” Kindle edition pg. 370

“Let no exhausted mother, with her hands full of home and children, bruise her soul with the conviction either that she has no way of serving Christ in this way or that she is somehow prevented by her children and her home from doing something worthwhile.  Rather, that is the very sphere of her labor.  Her mission field is at her feet (and quite possibly under them and in her arms and on her back and currently drawing something indelible on something irreplaceable).  Indeed, for her to feel falsely guilty about what she is not doing or to transfer that guilt to her children in resentment and bitterness will only prevent the good that she is called to do as a minister to her children.” Kindle edition, pg. 370

“Let no man who has no gift for public speech berate himself for not being a preacher.  Let him rather consider what he might do as a friend who draws alongside others in any number of contexts.  The husband who labors countless hours in the week to put bread on the table for his wife and any children God might give may not be able to spend every Saturday visiting friends, handing out tracts, or knocking on doors, but he might be able to remember in prayer those who do and perhaps give an hour or so once a month to such endeavors.” Kindle edition pg. 370-382

“Taking all this into account, as well as your distinctive calling, particular constitution, or specific character, consider that the root and foundation of your obligation to teach transgressors the ways of God-the issue of whether you are to be a witness to God’s grace, teaching transgressors the ways of Jehovah-lies in whether you are a repentant and pardoned sinner.  If you and I are such pardoned sinners, having come with tears of genuine sorrow and received forgiveness of our sins from God, then we lie under the same obligation as David.” Kindle edition, pg. 420