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Scope, in this sense, refers to the center or target of the entire canonical revelation; it is that to which the entire Bible points. And whatever that is, it must condition our interpretation of any and every part of Scripture. For the covenant theologians of the seventeenth century, the scope of Scripture was the glory of God in the redemptive work of the incarnate Son of God. Their view of the scope of Scripture was itself a conclusion from Scripture, not a presupposition brought to Scripture and it conditioned all subsequent interpretation.

William Ames: “The Old and New Testaments are reducible to these two primary heads. The Old promises Christ to come and the New testifies that he has come” (Ames, Marrow, 202).

John Owen: “Christ is…the principal end of the whole of Scripture…” (Owen, I:74). “This principle is always to be retained in our minds in reading of…

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