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Here is a brief biography of Hanserd Knollys cited from the sermon description at Sermonaudio:

Hanserd Knollys was an influential leader among the 17th century
English Particular Baptists. A former priest in the Church of
England, he came to Baptist convictions in 1643/44 and was
instrumental in the formation of a Baptist church in Great Saint
Helen-street, over which he was ordained the pastor in 1645 and
served until 1691. He was a man acquainted with many
persecutions and hardships, but was graciously sustained by God.
Along with Benjamin Keach and William Kiffin, he was considered
one of the ‘first three’ of the Baptist ministers in his day.

An edifying and Christ centered sermon by an early particular baptist discussing the Gospel, conversion, assurance of salvation, and the believer’s relationship to the law of God:


This sermon also comes with a transcript: