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E.J.Young recommends both Vos’ and Green’s defense of the Pentateuch and gives some historical background to Green’s books in response to higher criticism of the Old Testament:

“In 1885 Edwin Cone Bissell issued The Pentateuch: Its Origin and Structure, in which he clearly set forth the weaknesses of Wellhausen’s theory. Wilhelm Moeller, in 1889, began a series of publications, in which he cogently refuted the development hypothesis.  And in 1886 Geerhardus Vos issued The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuchal Codes, another convincing refutation of Wellhausen’s views.
5. The really strong man, however, was found in W. H. Green, Professor of Oriental and Old Testament Literature in Princeton Theological Seminary. A spiritual descendant of men like Hengstenberg, Haevernick, and Keil, Green had been a chosen associate of Joseph Addison Alexander, and was well equipped to carry on the old Princeton tradition of intelligent loyalty to the Bible. Green had early demonstrated his ability in The Pentateuch Vindicated from the Aspersions of Bishop Colenso (1863). In 1883 there appeared his Moses and the Prophets, which was a direct reply to Kuenen and William Robertson Smith. This was followed by the Newton lectures for 1885, entitled, The Hebrew Feasts, a work which attacked the development hypothesis at its heart. In 1888 an amicable debate on ‘The Pentateuchal Question’ was begun between Green and William Rainey Harper in the pages of Hebraica. The material offered in these articles is extremely valuable. As a result of this debate, Green published in 1895 his masterpiece, The Unity of the Book of Genesis, and in this year there also appeared his volume, The Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch. Green’s learned works, without doubt, constitute the most thorough and convincing refutation of the development hypothesis. The Church of God may ever be grateful that He has given to her such an apologete!”
Edward J. Young, An Introduction to the Old Testament. (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1977), 139.