A useful post by the reformed baptist fellowship on the sabbath and Christian worship.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Throughout the various debates and friendly arguments I’ve had about the Sabbath, perhaps the most annoying line of reasoning I have heard is the fellow who says, “I don’t need to observe a Sabbath; every day for me is a Sabbath!”  Whether or not you are a Sabbatarian, I hope you can see that this is simply rubbish.  The essence of the Sabbath is (or was) differentiation.  For six days do all that you must do to live.  Do it to God’s glory, yes, but do it in six days, and then – on the seventh day – do something completely different.  Anyone who pretends to have seven Sabbaths a week actually has none – and that should be evident even to those who believe that we should have none.

Regardless of where you stand on that question, every Christian ought to at least understand that God has called His…

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